Diversity of Insects
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On this page you may find additional resources to my lecture "Diversity of Insects" given  each winter semester at Charles University, Faculty of Science, Department of Zoology  (MB170P98). For all basic resources, go to the Moodle page of the lecture, for basic info about the lecture (where?, when?) go to the Student Information System (SIS).

Below I am providing links to interesting papers, webpages etc., as an additional source of information for anyone who is interested more in detail in the topics covered by the lectures. The lists are naturally not exhaustive, feel free to look for more resources yourself.

Suggestions what should be added here (additional links, papers, etc.) are welcome!

Lecture topics
(covers lectures given by myself)

Links will be added shortly before/after the respective lectures.

Topic 1. Insect diversity today - how many species, in which groups and where?

Topic 2. Insect diversity in the past - how to study and what we know about it?

Topic 3. Morphological diversity of insects - why so many shapes?

Topic 4. Biogeography of insects - principles and examples

Topic 5. Species and speciation - principles and methods to study it

Topic 6. Insect systematics and taxonomy - old and new methods

Insect Diversity Today
(old links, will be updated soon)


  • Archibald et al (2010) Seasonality the latitudinal gradent of diversity and Eocene insects - link

  • Arita et al (2008) The tropics cradle museum or casino A dynamic null model for latitudinal gradients of species diversity - link

  • Barraclough Nee (2001) Phylogenetics and speciation - link

  • Dixon (1987) Why there are so few species of aphids especially in the tropics - link

  • Erwin (1982) Tropical forests their richness in Coleoptera and other arthropod species - link

  • Gaston (1991) The magnitude of global insect species richness - link

  • Gaston (2000) Global patterns in biodiversity - link

  • Hamilton et al (2010) Quantifying uncertainity in estimation of tropical artheopod species richness - link

  • Heie (1994) Why are so few aphid species in the temperate areas of the southern hemisphere - link

  • Hodkinson (1992) Global insect diversity revisited - link

  • Chown et al (2004) Hemisphere asymmetries in biodiversity A serious matter for ecology - link

  • May (1990) How many species - link

  • Mitter et al (1988) The phylogenetic study of adaptive zones Has phytophagy promoted insect diversification - link

  • Mora et al. (2011) How many species are there on the earth and in the ocean - link

  • Novotny (2006) Why are there so many species of herbivorous insects in tropical rainforest - link

  • Novotny et al (2002) Low host specificity of herbivorous insects in tropical forest - link

  • Odegaard (2000) How many species of arthropods Erwins estimate revisited - link

  • Rabosky (2009) Ecological limits and diversification rate Alternative paradigms to explain the variation in species richness among clades and regions - link

  • Ricklefts (2007) Estimating diversification rates from pgylogenetic information - link

  • Smith et al (2008) Extreme diversity of tropical parasitoid wasps exposed by iterative integration of natural history DNA barcoding morphology and collections - link

  • Wiegmann et al (2011) Episodic radiations in the fly tree of life - link



  • Futuyma D. J. (2009) Evolution. Second Edition. Sinauer Associates Ltd. - Chapter 7: The evolution of biodiversity. (BookDelivery link)


Updated: August 22, 2016