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About the collection:

The Orthoptera collection was built especially by two Czech Orthoptera specialists, J. Mařan and A. Čejchan, who accumulated the material especially from the Czech and Slovak Republics, Balkan Penninsula and Near East.
The collection contains many types of the taxa described by Mařan and Čejchan, and also a huge number of unprepared and unidentified Orthoptera material which may be very valuable for future studies.

Cooperating persons:

As I am not the Orthoptera specialist, the work with the collection would be impossible without a kind help of the cooperating specialists. I highly appreciate their help:

Petr Kočárek (Ostrava University)
Pavel Marhoul (AOPK Praha)

L I S T   O F   O R T H O P T E R A   C O L L E C T I O N

Only the material identified up to genus level is mentioned in the lists below. Unidentified material will be sorted and listed later.

Full label data are mentioned for type specimens. For non-type material, only a list of localities is mentioned in parentheses.

  genus: Eupholidoptera collection list (PDF)
  genus: Isophya collection list (PDF)
  genus: Pholidoptera collection list (PDF)
  genus: Uvarovistia collection list (PDF)


Last update: July 17, 2008